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lucy miller

played by Sarah Milde

The heart and soul of Roadkill, Lucy Miller is as feisty and spirited as she is loveable and innocent. Orphaned at a young age, Lucy learned to survive on her own. She works as a farmhand in the Riverland and lives a relatively straightforward, limited lifestyle. But she yearns to get away. Falling for the seemingly charming Connor Shelby, Lucy wants to make plans to leave and travel the world with her love interest, on one condition. He doesn’t lie to her. But two young adults, deeply in love and ready to start their lives together, he has no reason to lie to her, right? …right?

Lucy Miller
Lucy Miller / Sarah Milde

the killer

played by Edward Boyd

There are two criminals in the story, but trust me when I say you’d much rather cross paths with the other one. This Killer has travelled across the country on his vengeful ‘Quest from God’, slaughtering those he believes to be sinful in biblical crimes of passion. Believing himself to be the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, the Killer travels across the vast landscapes in his contemporary pale horse, a classic Aussie ute. It being his Godly duty, to cull a quarter of the Earth’s population. Always two steps ahead of the law you’d have to be one unlucky son-of-a-bitch to cross paths with this deranged slasher.

The Killer
The Killer / Edward Boyd

detective albert

played by Robert Bell

In a tale of thieves and murderers, where would we be without a force of law? Of justice? Roadkill features two detective characters, the first of which being the naïve, yet determined, Detective Albert.  Albert is young and ready to prove himself to his partner, but in order for that to happen, he has to catch himself a killer. Following the trail of bodies left behind by the Killer, Albert deconstructs the method of the killings, searching for clues, patterns, anything that might help him prove himself as a detective. However, within the narrative – Albert’s function is extended as he’s ordered to investigate a daylight, highway robbery.

Detective Albert
Detective Albert / Robert Bell

detective ernest

played by Erik Strauts

Rounding off our list of key characters is Senior Detective Ernest, Albert’s voice of authority and old school lawman. After following the Killer’s footsteps all across the country, Ernest is glad… well given the circumstances, he isn’t glad, but he’s at the very least a little chuffed to be back in the serene Riverland. Ernest has a tough exterior, his many years spent on the force has hardened him to the no-nonsense cop he is. However even Ernest is shaken to his core by a crime scene of which he has never seen the likes of.

Detective Ernest
Detective Ernest / Erik Strauts

supporting cast

KevinAsh Watkins
Miles (Milo)Ryan Branden
TrentSamuel James
JordanSachin Barclay
SandraEmma Bargery
TylerSimon Lancione
Young ConnorMitchell Crawford
Connor’s DadJames Whitrow
Aunty KateJulie Quick
Church CopThibul Nettle
PreacherJames McCluskey-Garcia
Motel AttendantKyle Robertson
Bar DrunkSteve Parker
Bar TenderGuy Cunningham
Bar MusicianSimon-Peter Hopkins
House CopAiden Suggate
Servo AttendantRhana That Singh
Local in UteAndrew Kruger
VictimTianna Cooper
BabyBonnie Metcraft
Crazy WomanTina Crawford
Radio VoiceAllison Scharber
Dispatch VoiceNicholas Whitrow