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the riverland

Roadkill is set out on vast, isolated highways running through the heart of the Australian outback. There are also scenes set in towns, vineyards and the River Murray. So in an effort to find somewhere that offered these diverse, yet necessary locations, the cast & crew went to a town called Renmark to shoot majority of the film.

Renmark, a town in the South Australian Riverland, is about a 4 hour drive from the capital city, Adelaide. It offers many locations where the Murray, in all of its magnificence, is present and is as visually striking as ever. Renmark also holds many desolate, red dirt roads where many of the mugging scenes took place. As well as a beautiful township, Renmark also offers rough dirt tracks and sublime farming properties, where most of the exterior scenes were shot. During the shoot, the cast & crew stayed on the property shown in the film and travelled out to various locations each day to film scenes.

other locations

Roadkill was also shot in other locations around South Australia, including Murray Bridge, Lowbank Lutheran Church, Salem Lutheran Church, Lower Light and Wellington. Not to mention several interior scenes that were filmed in locations around Adelaide city. Two separate offices which made up the Detective’s office as well as the Gaslight Tavern in Brompton where the bar scene was filmed.