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film score

Original Score

Yurii Radko

Roadkill is a nail-biting, suspenseful thriller. Whilst the scenes in the film are confronting and intense in their own right, the movie needed an equally compelling and tension filled soundtrack to tie the whole thing together. The production crew struggled to find the right musician to create the atmosphere they were searching for, going through several musicians, all of whom were unable to meet expectations. Enter, Yurii Radko.

Based in the Ukraine, Radko made a connection to the film through the wonderful world-wide-web. After being impressed with his work on the Roadkill Trailer, the decision was made to hire Yurii for the big job, the film. And despite being half-way across the globe and being in the middle of a literal war-zone, Yurii’s work on the film can only be described as chilling.

Yurii Radko - Roadkill Soundtrack

pub song

Highway Robbery

Simon Peter Hopkins

The songwriter and performer of this song in the movie is also a veteran South Australian musician. If you’ve been a fan of the pub music scene in Adelaide then no doubt you’ve seen Simon Peter Hopkins perform either on his own or in one of the bands that he’s beeen involved with over the years.

Highway Robbery was also written specifically for the film to give a ‘state of affairs’ commentary for where the character Connor was at during this section of the movie. With a much more limited period of time to get his acoustic masterpiece ready, Hopkins showed up on the day and delivered a bombshell performance to his audience of cast & crew.

Simon Peter Hopkins - Highway Robbery
Simon Peter Hopkins

lucy's song

Into My World

Samuel James

Roadkill is a drama/thriller, so naturally the film is quite dark, yet one of the most important aspects of a dark film are where we see glimpses of light. Where the audience has a chance to just breathe and enjoy the characters. One of these moments features the leading lady (Sarah Milde) casually dancing alone in her house (like we’ve all done from time to time). So the task was set out to find a song that would match the fun, uninhibited nature of the scene. Luckily, it was right under the filmmaker’s nose.

Samuel James who was cast as the role of ‘Trent’ in Roadkill is for lack of a better word… cool. Laid-back. A nice guy. So it only makes sense that he’s a pop-artist as well. Nonchalantly offering his song “Into My World”, for use in the film, Samuel James represents more than just one aspect of his talent in the film.

Samuel James - Into My World
Samuel James